501 c3 Non-Profit Organization

BridgeWater Academy

Stay Focused Objective

Retention of students, specifically males living in underserved communities who may be academically challenged yet have athletic potential and need sustainable, creative support to reach their maximum potential. These are the main objectives of the Bridgewater-Stay Focused Program.

Mentoring Objectives for students and Mentors

Mentors who participate in the Bridgewater Stay-Focused Mentor Program:

  • A commitment to support the student for (1) School year.
  • To continue the relationship with the student until completion of high School and College.

Objectives for students:

  • Participate in conversation with mentors.
  • Ask questions, listen and reflect on information.
  • Students may ask for input, consider advice and communicate frustrations.
  • Students may share information and give feedback to their mentors.