501 c3 Non-Profit Organization


Each student will have the opportunity to develop in an environment that will include working with professional and college athletes in a mentoring program designed to build a strong foundation. This program is specifically focused for students to develop their academic and athletic skill, thus increasing their interest in staying in school.

Disadvantaged students will gain the knowledge and interest in school while having the opportunity to participate in athletics that will be measured and enhanced by their participation in the Bridgewater Stay focused Mentoring Program.

Students coming from disadvantaged schools and communities will develop positive skills and attitudes while learning to accomplish the goal of remaining on task.

Students participating in the mentoring program WILL become role models for students who may need the kind of stimulation offered by students who are successful in completing the program. This will include students who go to college and/or become professional athletes as a result of being affiliated with this program.

We will evaluate the Academy based on the Kirkpatrick Four Levels of Evaluation:

1) Reaction - Were the students pleased with the program?

2) Learning - What did our students learn in the program?

3) Behavior - Did our students behavior change?

4) Result - What is the outcome of student participation in the academy?