501 c3 Non-Profit Organization

Lennie Walker

  • Played sports and graduated from Reidsville Senior High, Reidsville, NC
  • Attended UNCC
  • Coached in Park and Recreation and Church leagues in the Charlotte area for the past 20 years
  • Coached several teams in the Park and Recreation league that won City Championships out of the Sugar Creek Park and Recreaction Center
  • Organized a Church basketball league that consisted of over 30 teams playing out of different cities in the Charlotte area
  • Scheduled games, coordinated referres and found sites for all games in the AME Zion basketball church league




Hello my name is Dante’ J. Irby.  I am 9 years old and I attend Winget Park Elementary School.  I am an AB honor roll student and I enjoy playing basketball.  Bridgewater Academy has taught me the fundamental skills of basketball.  I am learning how to become a team player and how to listen to my coach.  I am becoming more self confident in my abilities to do well.  I have made new friends on my team and this year we were undefeated.  I look forward to practice each week and seeing my Coach and teammates.Hello, my name is LaJoyce Hampton.  My son Dante’ has been apart of Bridgewater academy for a year and enjoys playing basketball.  He likes being a part of this organization since his father is not active in his life.  Being a single-parent, Bridgewater Academy coaches are playing a big part in our lives when it comes to providing my son with positive male role models and skills he needs to become more self- confident.  Coach Bellamy has taken time with my son as a father, practicing with him before he was ever part of a team as well as a coach.  I am not able to provide financially for a lot of athletic programs in my area but the coaches have worked with me to make this possible and we are forever grateful for such a program.




Ms. Hampton

I would like to thank you for your dedication to being a positive influence for all of the kids who are a part of Bridgewater Academy, particularly my son.  He had a great time and learned a lot this summer.  More importantly, he was exposed to what is really constructive about sports and life in general.  With your help, he learned that it takes little effort not to participate, but great effort to succeed.  You’ve equipped my son with the tools needed to succeed.  You’ve strengthened his confidence and enforced his motivation to compete.  You’ve shown him the discipline it takes to accomplish what he wants in sports, in school and in life. By using the game of basketball, you’ve instilled valuable traits that he can use in other sports, in education and in preparation for the future.  This has all happened because of his involvement in your program.  Once again, I want to thank both of you for everything you’ve done for my son and for his teammates.

Wayne Jordan (Bryce)

     The Bridgewater Academy continues to prove that it is "a bridge".   My 8 yr old son (Devin) has been able to cross over from one side of his life into another to build a stronger life foundation.   Eric and Hasan provide the fundamentals of athleticism, socialism and academics.   All the core tools strongly needed for young children to continue to be successful througout their lives.   

      Devin has been able to improve his athletic and attention skills, but most importantly character, team work and maintain honor roll status since he became a part of the Bridgewater Acadamy family.   It is crucial that my son (as a single child in a single parent home) gains the positive male role model influence and mentoring, especially at his age with all the other negative outside influences in today's world.   I am blessed and thankful that Eric and Hasan has created this opportunity for children such as my son, to participate in a solid program with set expectations and a strong committment to our children now and into their future. With this program, I already know my son is a winner in life!!!